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Estuary Beans & Barley is a collaboration company that embodies the love and culture centered around artisan craft products, focusing on coffee and beer. Estuary Beans & Barley, works with trend setting companies in America’s coffee and beer industry, to bring the most creative products to Charleston, and the Southeastern United States. 


artisan coffee



cold brew & nitro

We offer small batch cold brews for distribution and sales! Do you have a type of coffee that you would like as a cold brew and/or, on NITRO!? Contact us, and lets see what is possible!



We brew our own craft beer! Our craft beer is a collaboration process with trending and upcoming breweries across America! Check back with us soon on availability.


bagged coffee

Tired of bland coffee? We can’t go back and change your bad coffee experiences, but we CAN change your future ones. Check us out!